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Firebrand Collective is not your typical broworking space. (Sorry, did we say that out loud? We meant coworking.) Yes, we have office space and a lovely meeting room for planning collaborations and client meetings. We even have a gorgeous natural light studio! We have multiple membership options. Everything you expect a coworking space to have, we've got. So what makes Firebrand Collective different?

First and foremost, Firebrand Collective is by women for women. We know that being a female business owner can be hard and lonely, while also being one of the most amazing and powerful things you will ever do. We understand that human interaction can play a vital role in productivity and inspiration. We have experienced the same highs and lows, the same question marks and exclamation points as you, the frustrations and victory dances...We are right there with you and we know what being a part of an active community can mean for your business. 

Firebrand Collective is more than a coworking space. We are a community of women who care.

Join Firebrand Collective, Kansas City's only female- and Creative-focused Coworking Space!

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The Studio

Whether you're planning a photo shoot or a yoga class, this multi-use space has what it takes to make your event a success. 

The Office 

Working from a dedicated desk or just dropping in for the day? The office is the perfect environment in which to get shit done while feeding your creativity.

The Meeting Room

This airy, yet intimate space is perfect for everything from one-on-one coaching sessions to in-person sales meetings and beyond. 


"Absolutely perfect space for what I needed for my boudoir shoots. Perfect lighting. Perfect furniture. Just perfect."


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