Firebrand Collective House Rules

Office Use

  • Be respectful of the items around you, both those that belong to Firebrand Collective and those that belong to your coworkers. 
  • Do not bring your own furniture into the office or studio without permission of Firebrand management.
  • Same with pets. We love pets, but please don’t bring Fido to work unless given permission by management.
  • Alcohol may be brought into the studio only with express permission of the management.
  • Do not adjust the thermostat. This is a communal space and we keep the temperature at a comfortable level for most members.
  • Do not share the entry code for either The Oliver Building or Firebrand Collective.
  • When bringing clients into Firebrand Collective, please meet them at the front door of the building and escort them to the coworking suite.

Meeting Room

  • The furniture in the meeting room should remain there.
  • The meeting room may be booked using the online booking calendar. (See the Booking section below.)


  • The kitchenette may be used by all members.
  • Everyone is responsible for keeping the kitchenette clean and tidy.
  • The refrigerator will be emptied out every Friday afternoon. If you want something to stay in there over the weekend, please tape a note to the item.
  • Labeling your food items in the fridge or cabinets is never a bad idea.


  • Meeting room bookings are first come, first served.
  • The online booking calendar must be used in order to schedule time in the meeting room.
  • Should you decide cancel a booking, please remove it from the calendar as soon as possible.


  • Respect your fellow Firebrand Collective members, as well as our neighbors inside The Oliver Building, by keeping noise levels friendly.
  • When speaking on the phone, please be mindful of the volume of your voice. If you feel you may disrupt other members, please make your phone call in either the meeting room or one of the 4th floor common areas.
  • Cell phones should be on vibrate in the office.


  • All members are responsible for keeping the common areas clean and tidy.
  • Desks should be tidied and trash collected when the work day is complete.
  • Please recycle! Recycling bins are located in the kitchenette.
  • Cleaning supplies may be found in dedicated places.
  • Last one out turns off the lights and locks the door.


Internet Usage

  • Firebrand Collective members have access to the “FirebrandCollective” wireless network.
  • Illegal data download is not permitted.
  • Use bandwidth responsibly and fairly.



  • The library is available to all Firebrand Collective members. If you wish to borrow a book from the library, email your name, the title of the book, and the date to Megan at
  • Return library books in a timely fashion.


Printing + Office Supplies

  • All members have access to the printer.
  • Reasonable printing is free of charge.
  • Follow the directions located next to the printer to download the printer drivers onto your computer.



  • Memberships fees may be paid monthly or in lump sum.
  • Fees may be paid online via bank transfer, automatic deduction, or credit card.
  • Firebrand Collective memberships may not be shared among multiple people.