What's your perfect membership?

Whether you're looking to separate work and home, build connections with other women, or have access to a
clean, professional workspace at your fingertips, Firebrand Collective has the answer. Find your happy place here.

 Join Firebrand Collective as a Community member and Get sweet benefits!

Community | $75/month

Only need to get out of the house once or twice a week? We've got you covered. This is the perfect match for those of you who occasionally like to switch things up.

  • 5 Day Passes/month

  • Access Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm

  • 1 hour of meeting room access/month

  • Desk or Table Workspace (first come, first served)

 Work at Firebrand Collective Whenever You get the itch with a hot seat membership!

Hot Seat | $199/month

A great fit for entrepreneurs + remote workers who enjoy coworking on a frequent basis + need a professional space in which to meet clients and conduct meetings. 

  • Community Member Benefits

  • *Access Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm

  • Unlimited meeting room access

  • Desk or Table Workspace(first come, first served)

 Firebrand Collective saves seats.

Dedicated Desk|$299/month

Best for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or freelancers who embrace growth and are actively expanding their community network. 

  • All Community + Hot Seat Member Benefits

  • *Access Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm

  • Unlimited meeting room access

  • Personal Desk Workspace


*Want 24/7 access to your workspace? Sign on with us for three months and make it your reality. (24/7 access is only available for Hot Seat and Dedicated Desk Members.)

Day Pass | $20/day

Want to give coworking a try, but aren't ready to commit to a membership? Or maybe you're just in town for the week? Get a Day Pass or ten. Why ten? Because when you buy ten Day Passes you save $25. Boom.


 Get your coffee fix with the West Bottoms' own Blip Roasters coffee at Firebrand Collective.

All The Coffee

 Keep your belongings safe with us!

Secure Storage

 Need Wifi? Who doesn't? Use our super-fast Wifi to get your work done!

Extra-fast WiFi

 Drink all the water and La croix you can handle - it's free!

Refreshments + Snacks

 Hold your next meeting with Firebrand Collective!

Meeting Room Access

 Workshops, Classes, Panels - we got you covered.

Workshops + Classes

 Hang out with us like an effing Firebrand!

Social + Networking Events

 VIP member? You get 24/7 access. HIgh Five!

*24/7 Access

*24/7 Access is available to Hot Seat and Dedicated Desk Members after signing a 3-month membership agreement.